Plan Your Simcity Buildit Residential Plots From The Start

If you want to play Simcity Buildit effectively then you must concentrate on optimizing the layout of your city right from day one and do not procrastinate it for the future. As the prime objective of the game is to build a city with all the required amenities and to expand, you must know which area is suitable for residential buildings and which you will ascertain as your industrial belt. The location of the utilities, parks, schools, hospitals, fire stations, police stations, all play an important role in your progress through the game. So, it is better to start early and do not feel the burden later.

This is the most crucial zone of Simcity Buildit as people will stay here and no one would be happy staying in a place which has limitations and drawbacks. So a proper layout of your residential area is essential. Plan and use a grid style format to layout this main zone of your game. It will not only make your city look beautiful but will also be easy for maintenance as well. You can build eight wide squares within the width of two residential plots and an ongoing length, considerably long, throughout the majority of the city. During the early stages of the game you can then have the flexibility in this system to fit in all you need from utility and service buildings like parks, health, fire and police to the skyscrapers.

When you have built these eight squares in your Simcity Buildit game you must then optimize the utility of the space created effectively to provide the best services to your people. If you are in the initial stages of the game then you should use four out of the available eight squares for development plots for the future. Use three of the remaining for the core residential area as well as for its growth with the subsequent levels of the game. In the plot that is left you can build all Government buildings, other non-polluting units, shops and other required buildings that creates a Buffer to the pollution Zone.

To keep your city clean and green you must consider the fact that industries and factories pollute the air and no one would like to stay in a home which is unhealthy. Build your Pollution Zone far away from the residential plot possibly on the other side of the city. All factories, coal and oil power units, sewage, waste management plant all must be in this area. Any unsightly buildings which may dampen the beauty of your city like the city storage building must also be built here.

Resource is the key for advancement in simcity buildit and you must manage it properly to have ready cash at your disposal whenever you need. You trade your products, collect taxes or can also use the simcity buildit hack no survey require for this purpose. If you follow such a strategy from day one it will help you to know beforehand about all the requirements for future developments and plan your move accordingly well ahead of time.

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